Thursday, 20 June 2013

What's new?


Long time no speak. I've been neglecting my blog very much of late and for that I am sorry.

I do however have some news!

I've fallen in love with Czech glass and have been adventuring far and deep with jewellery made using various cuts and colours. All compliment gorgeous beads made by Artisan crafters such as

                 Beady Eyed Bunny and her beautiful bunny and other polymer clay bead creations.

Bo Hulley beads  and her beautiful ceramic beads, charms and pendants.

Their beads are absolutely incredible and worth a look if you haven't already had the pleasure of discovering them!

So away from crafting my other news. I turned 23 on the 27th May and my wonderful otherhalf of many perfect years proposed to me. So yes I am going to be married. We've set the date! Friday 1st August 2014. Whoooooooo!

Here's my ring, designed by Jay himself. Featuring amethyst and Tsavorite alongside a pear cut diamond.

Other than being the most lucky girl in the world, my fur and shelled family are very well, the weather has been behaving and I love having something to organise! Can't believe we're going to get married.

Look after yourself guys! Hehe.

Speak again soon!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Make Mine Chocolate - The Easter bunny pledge

Many people are unaware of how bad the rabbit rescue situation actually is in the UK. To date there are currently 67,000+ rabbits in rescues alone across the UK, this number was 37,000 only a few years ago. The number has increased dramatically and Easter is one of the main times of year that we see even more of an impact on Rescue numbers.

Many pet shops who sell live stock (something I am against) advertise baby bunnies as the perfect easter gift, special offers include a tiny prison of a hutch, incorrect care information. These bunnies are destined a life forgotten, neglected in a coffin at the bottom of the garden. Typically bought as a children's pet, rabbits are far from that.

Please what ever you do this year support the plight of these thousands of bunnies in rescues, who have ended up there through no fault of their own. Make mine chocolate is a campaign specifically for this time of year. A dog is for life not just for Christmas , the same applies for a bunny. A bunny is for life, not just for Easter. A bunny is a life commitment, which can cost into the thousands in a very short life time.

Rabbits need space, love, attention, vaccinations, neutering, a friend, hay, the correct diet and veterinary care when  they are ill.

Rabbits are very vulnerable, delicate little creatures. Don't under estimate them.

This information is taken direct from Make Mine Chocolate

Beware of the Easter Bunny!
Around this time of year it’s impossible to open a magazine or turn 
on the TV without seeing a cute fluffy rabbit.  They’re everywhere 
- on billboards, in magazines, and on packaging up and down the 
aisles of supermarkets. 
It’s no wonder that sales of pet rabbits explode at Easter, and pet 
shops up and down the country have already ‘stocked up’ with 
baby bunnies to maximise opportunity;  it’s at this time of year that 
‘pester power’ comes into its own, with children begging their 
parents for a lovely fluffy Easter bunny.
But new rabbit owners often realise they have made a mistake in 
the weeks and months after Easter when the reality of how much 
time and money is required to care for their new rabbit hits home.
Rabbit welfare group Make Mine Chocolate! is once again 
campaigning hard to put a stop to the Easter rabbit impulse buy. “By asking people to consider a 
chocolate or toy rabbit instead of a real rabbit at Easter, potential new owners have time to think 
about the commitment they need to make before it is too late” reports campaign manager Lisa Whitty.
The current rabbit welfare statistics are worsening year on year, with now an estimated 67,000 rabbits 
passing through rescue each year (RWAF data). A Make Mine Chocolate! rescue survey revealed that 
60% of rabbits entering rescue do so within a year of purchase and it is no surprise to those involved 
in rescue the main reason being given is the ‘child has lost interest in the pet’.
Make Mine Chocolate! has produced a short list of things to consider before getting a rabbit:
• Accommodation needs to be big and predator proof, with space to exercise and also to 
stay warm and dry.
• Rabbits need annual vaccinations against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 
• A rabbit can cost over £1000 a year to look after correctly – and that’s if they stay well!
• Rabbits should live in neutered pairs for companionship and other species are not suitable 
• Rabbits can live for 10 years or more
• Rabbits must eat a diet of mostly hay – a pile at least the same size as the rabbit every day
• Contrary to belief, rabbits don’t like being handled and are not suitable pets for young 
In addition, good rabbit rescues are a great place to learn about caring for rabbits correctly, and can 
often offer advice on care and holiday boarding.
So beware of the Easter Bunny and think carefully before taking on a rabbit as a pet, and if you are 
going to buy one, then think about going to your local rescue shelter first.

Other useful websites for bunny research

Rabbits deserve better, help that to happen.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The very big jewellery give away!

Well, I hit the big 2-0-0 sales in my Folksy shop. To celebrate I'm having an epic give-away.

Instead of the usual , this time there is a chance for 3 people to win! That's right, there's a First, Second and Third prize.

The winner of the First prize will get custom made necklace And bracelet, designed exactly as they choose (or should there be something in store they already want, I am more than happy to let the winner choose this).

The winner of the Second Prize will get a custom made bracelet, designed exactly as they choose.

and Finally the winner of the Third Prize will get a custom made bag-charm or set of earrings, designed exactly as they choose!

So how do you enter? It's simple.

Answer me this (either in the comments or on my facebook page under the associated post) -
What is your favourite animal and why?
It is that simple.

How will I choose the winner? Using this wonderful website

The First prize winner will be the first number drawn, the second - the second number drawn and the third - the third number drawn. 

Closing date for entries will be Friday 15th February at 1.00pm (GMT London)

Good luck