Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The very big jewellery give away!

Well, I hit the big 2-0-0 sales in my Folksy shop. To celebrate I'm having an epic give-away.

Instead of the usual , this time there is a chance for 3 people to win! That's right, there's a First, Second and Third prize.

The winner of the First prize will get custom made necklace And bracelet, designed exactly as they choose (or should there be something in store they already want, I am more than happy to let the winner choose this).

The winner of the Second Prize will get a custom made bracelet, designed exactly as they choose.

and Finally the winner of the Third Prize will get a custom made bag-charm or set of earrings, designed exactly as they choose!

So how do you enter? It's simple.

Answer me this (either in the comments or on my facebook page under the associated post) -
What is your favourite animal and why?
It is that simple.

How will I choose the winner? Using this wonderful website http://www.random.org/

The First prize winner will be the first number drawn, the second - the second number drawn and the third - the third number drawn. 

Closing date for entries will be Friday 15th February at 1.00pm (GMT London)

Good luck


  1. dolphins, they are intelligent and graceful, and they help disabled children in ways we can't understand

  2. Aww thank you Stacey, dolphins truly are wonderful creatures. Good luck in the giveaway.

    Stef x