Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Back to work!

Hope you all had a brilliant Easter! I don't necessarily celebrate it, but Jays mum bought me a Moo-Free egg ! Nom!

I've been busy - Sunday; me and Jay decided to do a carboot and get rid of some bits for the big move (which hopefully will be next month!), we managed to shift a fair bit and made a nice £120.00 on top of table and float. What we brought back will be going to the charity shop.

So what else, well I cleaned, organised and packed up boxes. Oh and got beaten and woken up by Makimoo whilst sleeping on the sofa - I now have multiple bruises and a deep cut on my elbow! All I was doing was sleeping!

As you know I adore the lagomorph, the bunny, the rabbit. I've been busy crafting rabbity goodness, despite my wounds from an angry rabbit (see above). I still love him though, he's my handsome big boy!

But yes, bunny charm bracelets ahoy!

So other than that, I have very little to report in the land of Stef!

 I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday and rest of the week.


  1. Lovely bunnies:)I had to look up your word lagomorph, never heard that before.

  2. Great rabbit bracelets. I hope you've recovered from being beaten up!