Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A fresh Blog - remade

Well, where to begin?

I decided my blog was in dire need of a revamp - so here we have it!

So lots of things have happened in my life.
I'm now a Chemist graduate at the grand old age of 21, in full time employment, looking to buy my first house and just as in love with Jay as always!

2011 has been a very hard and sad year for me and Jay. Lola our Soul bunny, sadly left us to forever party in the Meadows of Rainbow Bridge. She was 5 and a half and the love of our lives. In honestly there isn't as much thrill in our lives now, she will be imprinted into our hearts forever and she will always be a part of our lives even though she isn't physically here anymore.

Lola you are the best, better than all the rest, always.

There's so much more I could write, but I guess I'll save it for tomorrow.

I have been crafting, and will slowly introduce my pinterest page and maybe some tutorials on here in the coming months, as well as plenty of bunny goodness.

Oh and I have a website now!

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