Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bright and Blue

Well it is outside today at least! The first of March, Mothers Day is a'coming and nature's offspring are beginning to make their way into the world. New life is stunning and my little bulbs in the garden are making a great headstart - noted the frost and snow hit them hard, but they've battled through!

This is the time of year to see baby cottontails fleeing across fields and the the graveyards. Sadly these baby bunnies more often than not don't get to see past their 2nd birthday. Nature can be so cruel, despite it's beauty and magic.

        I wish I lived in the country.

My latest pieces have been inspired by the wonderful springtime, from brights to pastels for florals to cute little birds. I hope you like!

I'm making my first ever visit to Scotland in May and I am so very excited about the prospect! I'm off to Strathglass in hope of seeing the beautiful, untouched landscapes, along with the wonderful wildlife Scotland has to offer. There's only one negative for me and that is that Wildies in Scotland are viewed as vermin or a more 'polite' term as pests. This means they're not the most welcome critter of the region and I do hope this won't tarnish my experience too much.

I can't wait for the weekend now, to craft, to tidy, to organise and to spend time with my fur babies (and shell)..and lets not forget the marvellous Mr Jason.


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