Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ceiling bounce

I'm simply giddy. In exactly 3 weeks tomorrow; I'll be in my very own and first home! The first step will be painting the two bunny rooms, bunsters will be residing at my parents whilst this happens mind, as paint fumes with be over powering and not good for our little fluffs.

One room will be a magnolia/cream whereas the smaller bunny room will be a light grey.

The bedroom has a curtained built in wardrobe which will harbour the curtains I make from the fabric pictured yesterday. The headboard wall will be a 'soft' duckegg-ish blue. I'm still contemplating on the curtains for the windows in our bedroom - unsure whether to match the wardrobes, go for pattern clash or go plain.

I do like this pattern clash fabric also from the same Westfalenstoffe range.
The carpet is a nice cream and so soft underfoot so this willl simply be steamcleaned with the VAX! May have to get a nice rug..or maybe I'll venture into making me a rag rug using the hulahoop technique!
I love bedspreads and will also be working on my own patchwork quilt which I am currently handsewing.I have no intention to have matching fabric , it is all wild and colour clash central but I like it!
Will see what furniture I can find at York Carboot on the 5th May! (so excited!) and otherwise check the charity shops, will also be tripping down to beloved Ikea!
Here's a few crafty finds from Folksy which have tempted me and I may well be purchasing for my lovely new home!

A lovely little trinket box

A cute paperweight/ornament.
Rock Chick - Folksy
A quirky tea-light holder

PotStop- Folksy

A gorgeous Cushion

LittleBirdy Designs

Just a few things...there's so many more though! So exciting. I eventually want to treat myself to a Smeg Fridge Freezer too, undecided on the colour though..but I do like the mint and even the orange!

Oh and a KitchenAid Mixer!!

So what else? Nothing really, just an excited Stefie, who still needs to photograph some bits of Jewellery!


  1. Good luck with your move. That fabric is lovely - the colour is great.

  2. How exciting moving into your first home :-) Really hope it all goes well. Looks like you've found some lovely accessories to make it feel like home.