Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rainy, sleepy and quiet!

Well it's absolutely pouring it down outside. I wouldn't be surpised if my road floods.

Gracie has been a naughty bunny and has been stamping at every hourly interval during the night - each time after checking there was nothing evidently wrong except a Gracie begging for food!

Other than bunnies and rain; we've exchanged contracts and now me and Jay own our very first house - no going back! I'm so excited. I want to go furniture shopping and decorate, but alas I have to wait until we get the keys in May! Despite this I have some gorgeous fabric for curtains in our bedroom to be!

Gorgeous isn't it? It's Westfallenstoffe and part of the Kitzbuhel collection. I absolutely love it!

I've also made some new bracelets, I'm rather smitten with one in particular...might have to delist it and keep it for myself! *oops*

What do you think?

I have 3 new bracelets I need to photograph tonight providing I can get the right lighting, going to be hard with this weather!

I'm loving bow beads though, may have to treat myself to some new beads! ...

Have a good day and stay warm and dry!

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