Thursday, 26 April 2012

I've reached 100 likes...GIVE-AWAY!

On Facebook!  So in celebration and good thanks to all my likers/followers I'm holding my very first

All you have to do is leave a comment and...

  • Tell me which item out of my folksy/etsy shop is your favourite! 
  • What you like about it  
  • What you'd like to see in my shop in the near future!
I'll use a random number generator to determine the winner!

A tweet about the giveaway and tagging @Jaysmonkey gives 1 more entry into the give-away.
A like at will give you 1 more further entry.
and A post/link to my give-away on your blog will give you 1 more entry (make sure you mention this in your comment with a link to your blog post!)

You can technically enter 4 times to improve your chances!

So what's the prize? You're very own button bracelet in any colour(s) of your choosing !

Here's a few examples!

DEADLINE for entries is Thursday the 10th May 
Thank you so much everyone, I look forward to reading everyone's wonderful entries!


  1. I love your butterfly bracelet ... and all the bunny ones too! will tweet now x

  2. Hi, I love your Bug Eye ring, its great because its such a statement piece. In future maybe you could have matching pieces like bracelets and earrings that match. Love your work!! I have liked your facebook page and fingers crossed, I'd be thrilled to win! xx

  3. I love your button bracelet in top photo (full of my fav colours :o) But my favourite item is this:

    Not sure what to suggest cos i like what yoou do now :o)

    {Dab and a dash.}

  4. It was hard to choose a favourite! But in the end I decided the Owl Necklace in your folksy shop was the one- the owl is so cute and I love the eclectic mix of beads and buttons- fun and colourful! In your shop I would like to see more charm bracelets and necklaces in your fantastic style of mixing colours and beads :)
    Have faved your facebook page now x

  5. It's so hard to choose a favourite-all your pieces are lovely! But anything bunny related gets my vote as I am a bunny freak too! (We just got our fourth! She so beautiful!..) anyway ;) I'm not on Twitter or Facebook yet (I know, I'm positively 'stone-age') but have followed your blog and favourited your shops.
    All the Best

    Cat x

  6. Thank you so far guys - still 9 days to go (I'll eliminate my own posts from the draw of course!)

    And a fellow bunny lover, hello! *waves frantically* , Sam is too! <3 x

  7. What a lovely giveaway. I love your owl necklace in your shop as it makes me think of my Mum (she's always loved owls).

    I think it would be lovely to see some more brooches or badges in your shop. Plus I like your shrink plastic work so maybe more of that too!

  8. I like the Love Bunny painting - I like the colours and the subject. I'd like to see some simple pendants for everyday wear in the shop. @ericahughes

  9. Liked on fb (Erica Price)

  10. I can't pick one thing and YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!! So my list of 3 is...I like the butterfly garden bracelet, the industrial garden charm bracelet and the blushing matryoshka bracelet! I like the beads on these ones, I prefer the glass and metal beads, not keen on the obviously plastic ones, if you get what I mean, but that's just me.

  11. Have liked on FB, I don't have twitter...I refuuuuuse!

  12. And I have blogged about youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Also, if you go to my friend Diane's blog 'the one stop giveaway shop' you can share the news of your giveaway ;) Spread the blog love!x

  13. I love Button Cloud necklace on your Folksy site. Its gorgeous!

  14. I like your spring bloom bunny rabbit bracelet in your shop - I prefer the items with metal charms! Great choice!

    1. Eee! Look at all these entries :D,

      Thank you everyone! 2 more days to go!

      Thanks for the heads up about your friends blog Lib, will go have a gander! :D

      Yaaay! I love blogging!

      Thanks guys, best of luck!

  15. I love your button bracelets the most. Anything sewing related catches my eye. I'm now following but I don't FB or tweet. Thanks for the chance:)

  16. Stef I just made a blog post for your giveaway.

  17. I love your button flame and fire bracelet!
    I think it says "I love crafting" while still looking expensive.
    I would also love it if you sold them with purple buttons, thats would be so pretty as well.

  18. I have liked your page on facebook too.

  19. And a tweet about this too xxxx

  20. An entry from ALYCIA MULLEN from my Facebook comments -

    My favourite item (at the moment) is the Bunny rabbit bracelet.
    I love that it's so quirky and bright, and full of bunnies!
    I would love to see more lovely bright things but that's what usually happens so yay! ♥

  21. Thank you so much for all the entries so far! Thank you for the mentions, the new likes, follows and tweets!

    Tomorrow I'll draw the winner with a random number generator, taking all additional 'entries' into account from likes and everything!

    Good luck everyone and again a massive thank you!!

    Stef xx

  22. My favorite item is the Pink and Green Garden in Bloom Bracelet. I like it because of the colors and because I really like the green glass leaf charm.
    I the future I would like to see some bracelets with antique buttons.

  23. I love the Industrial Garden Charm bracelet! This was a hard choice - all of your pieces are colorful, fun & whimsical (I also like the Russian doll necklace)! I don't know what to suggest other than keep up the great variety in your work! Thanks for chance to win!

  24. I like you now on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. I just checked out your Etsy shop! Love it all! Hard to pick out just
    one favorite... I really like either
    the "Industrial garden charm bracelet"
    or the "Button flame & fire bracelet"
    They are both so beautiful Thanks for
    the chance to win!!!

  26. I like you on Facebook. Very generous

  27. the Russian Doll Necklace is my favorite! i love that charm and the grounded buttons along with it. i'd love to see some sort of chameleon or rat themed charms/bracelets!

  28. Thank you everyone! I'll be closing this at 9am UK Time! So in ~ 20minutes!


  29. Closed!

    Thank you everyone!

    Watch this space! well look out for a new blog post!! xx

  30. I love the owl ring and owl bracelet. I love Owls! I love all your stuff, I didn't see anything I didn't like ;) I'd like to see more owl stuff, or maybe cute insect stuff. Hedgehogs are popular in the states. Thanks for a chance to win! Karrie,

  31. 2. I liked you on facebook

  32. 3. I posted about it on my blog:

  33. 4. I posted on Twitter @karriesmith3. Thanks for the chances to win!