Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I spy blue sky

Just about! Not alot of it, but a little bit.

I'm quite excited for this weekend, Saturday providing it doesn't flood and providing the ground dries up a little, I'll be heading to York Carboot . I hope to find some lovely quirky, retro pieces for my new house. I am so very excited now!

Sunday is my BIL' wedding and I am the only bridesmaid, now the one thing I'm worried about is photos! I hate photos being taken of me! Here's hoping the skies stay clear for the weekend.

Other than that it'll be less than a week until we officially get the keys to our house and what can be more exciting than that! I've been scouring Folksy and Etsy alike for treats for my new home, my favourites list is getting quite lengthy and I think I may need to go through an elimination process; I simply can't buy everything I like, want or need. I need to find the money if I were to do so and I'd also have to find the space! haha.

I've also been busy making a few things for my shops and I'm currently working on a pencil pet portrait for someone from Rabbits United !

Here's a few bits I've made this week; all available in my Folksy and Etsy Shops.

I'll have to save my home and Garden finds for Folksy Friday I guess.

If you haven't already entered my Give-away, Please do!!

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