Friday, 18 May 2012

Folksy Friday - Pretty little Pandas

My favourite animal is the bunny, the rabbit, the lagomorph. My second favourite is the Rhino and my third, the great Panda. So here are a selection of my favourite Panda finds from Folksy. Enjoy!

Just a short selection for today, but I hope you like my choices!

Have a great day! It's Friday! 


  1. The pandas of Scotland have gone out of the news, haven't they? I wonder how they are. I like the little knitted one.

  2. Aww I do love pandas, so sweet and cuddly! Lovely collection :)

    Leanne x x

  3. My favourite teddy when I was a girl was my panda- he is called Typhoo and is now a bit saggy! But I still love him (even tho he's tucked away in the loft!). He must be 36yrs old now! Older than you Stef! How's your house?
    Louisa x