Thursday, 17 May 2012

I like my bed

Well hello there!

We got the keys on Friday and we've been busy bees every since! Seriously drained of energy now! But despite this I am exceptionally excited to continue decorating come the weekend.

We've so far painted the 3 bedrooms, the smallest bunny room is practically finished, the other 2 need touch ups and such. Our bedroom needs the new carpet fitting, the wardrobe (built in) finishing and the bed and furniture setting up.

The living room is currently the 'bomb site' where we are storing things, once some of these things are moved upstairs we can start downstairs and then on the garden! You'd think my house was a nightmare reading this, but honestly it really isn't, we just wanted it more to our tastes! When finished I promise to provide lots of pictures!

So as you can probably imagine, I haven't really been crafting this last week and certainly do not have any photos of my newest creations which sucks a lot :-(. I cannot wait to sort out my craft room though! Mega excited and heck you can even have pictures of that too!...but when it's done! So you must be patient!

All in all, my post today is just an update and so you don't worry about me! Hope you're having a lovely week and I look forward to blogging with updates, photos and much more.

Oh and this is Lara, she's just mimicking how I feel right now!

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  1. That's answered my question on friday's panda post! Seems you've been very busy. I've been decorating my hall and landing- it's taking forever!
    Looking forward to seeing pics :)