Friday, 4 May 2012

Please help find Radish - FOUND HIM

I was alerted by last night by my mum, that one of our family cats Radish has gone missing. I'm doing everything in my power to try find him. (I hope is unharmed and safe and well somewhere :( )

Name: Radish
Description/Colour/Markings of cat - Large black and white Tom cat with black chin, felix features and white whiskers. Has tooth protruding out of mouth downward.

Breed - Domestic Shorthair
Male/Female - Male
Age - Around 3-4 years (he was a stray prior to living with us)
Neutered Y/N - Yes, he is Neutered and Microchipped.
Collar Y/N - Yes he has a lavendar blue reflective collar.
Last seen at 18.00 hours.
Date - 02/05/2012.

Missing from the Liversedge West Yorkshire Area.

Please Check your sheds, garages and gardens!

A Reward will be Given , upon his Safe Return.

Please contact me at, comment here, or contact me via FB or Twitter.

Retweets would be highly appreciated.

Radish is a much loved family member :(

We've so far contacted all local vets, RSPCA, Cats Protection, AnimalSearchUK, Cat Forums, Blue Cross,   advertised on FB, Twitter, many forums I'm a member of.

Have printed posters, contacted neighbours, will be ringing the council and anything else I can think of!


Thank you


  1. Hope you find Radish soon- he looks so gorgeous.
    Louisa x

  2. Thanks Louisa, here's hoping he turns up this evening, I'll be looking after work, hopefully with some success xx

  3. We've found him, he's home! I'm so happy.

    He's mucky and famished but he's ok!! Thank you! x

  4. Really pleased to hear he's home! Go and give him a bath, that'll larn'im ;P
    Fiona x

  5. Just caught up with this- so glad you found him! My cat Pip has been fighting (again) and was poorly so on antibiotics now- he has started purring again :)

    1. Thank you guys :)

      Aww no sorry to hear about Pip :( Glad he's purring again though, hope the antibiotics sort the illness out! x

  6. Sweet looking kitty. Will you shoot me an email. I tried to email you to thank you for following and it keeps saying failed:( I would like to put you in my contacts if I can figure all this out. Thanks