Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Well the other half has been on his travels for work since Saturday and is returning home today! Yay! He's been in Germany,  and so I've been super lonely, but my awesome parents have been looking after me, so alas all is well in the land of Stef.

The craft fair is slowly coming up, as is Jay's 25th! hehe. Lots to plan and do, but at current I'm on top of it, though I do need some more Manilla tags! *gets ordering*

Have been crafting too and spending plenty of time with my parents chickens, oh and on Saturday at 2am the river decided to burst it's banks, not on my side, but scary business to say the least!
This little Chicken is called Chilli, there are six in total, 3 Pekin Bantams named Chilli, Pepper and Saffron, 2 Pekin Batam x Sussex named Cinnamon and Nutmeg and finally 1 Sussex x Silkie named Mustard!

The glorious view from my bedroom window, that 'sea' used to be fields! 

and a taster of my new creations, to shortly be in my stores and on my site and Facebook page!

 I have you all have a lovely day. 


  1. I have awarded your blog with an award ‘The Versatile Blog’ and if you want to have a read about it please see my blog. Thank you.

  2. I'd love to keep chickens, but OH says we don't have the room. Boo!

    Rosie. x

  3. I love chickens and I'd love to keep some - but we certainly don't have the room and we have half a menagerie already....

    Your jewellery is so pretty and quirky!

    I've just blogged this morning if you fancy a read :-)