Monday, 2 July 2012

It's that time again! Give Away!

I've reached 200 likers on my facebook page! In a huge thank you to all my fans on here, there, twitter, everywhere I'm throwing a little give away!

The prize is this cute bunny bracelet - A cute, eccentric, vibrant and kitsch bracelet, made using silver plated memory wire and a variety of glass and acrylic beads in glorious purples, stardust rainbows and finished with a cute pearlised lilac bunny. 

Lead and Nickel free and will fit any wrist size without a fastening.

Said bracelet is usually sold for £5.50 + postage but for all my lovely fans, you have a chance to win it and it's free! This will be the final bracelet in this colour and style featuring this bead in my collection as it is the very last metallic purple bunny bead I have.

So how can you win? Abiding my facebook rules, the give away is over here, you don't have to have a blog to enter! You can login to comment from numerous accounts including twitter (I believe!)

All you need to do is : comment on this post and tell me what you want to see more of in my shop !

and if you don't already then please  like my Facebook! However this isn't a necessity - if you don't have facebook don't worry! You will still be entered into the give away regardless!

Give away is open until next Monday! 09/07/2012

I'd be ever so grateful if you could share this give away with your friends , direct them to my facebook, my blog etc!

Happy Crafting and have a great day!

Oh and Good luck!

Thank you!


  1. Go Stef! 200 likers is just awesome.
    Personally I prefer your animal themed jewellery, particularly the stuff in brass. Love love love the bunny earrings with the felted ball. Too cute.
    I have shared you on google and tweeted this post. Hope I win ;o)

  2. Congrats on getting to 200 likers! I love your bracelets especially the animal charms, really sweet! I will put a link to this giveaway on my FB page and will tweet it too.

    Debbie x

  3. Aww thanks guys and thank you for entering :D - I forgot to say! Deadline is 9pm on the 9th July 2012!

    Good luck and thank you so much for entering :-)

    Stef x

  4. Love it! Anything with bunnies is great but I would love to see some doggy items, maybe pawprints?

    Off to like and share on Facebook!


  5. Fab giveaway! I had a browse in your shop - lovely! Do you make bag charms? I have bought several of these - I just love them! Edwina

    1. Thanks for entering Edwina :) I do make the odd bag charm, I'll be adding a few to my shop! Good luck and thanks again <3

  6. Hello Stef! I am from pootlingwithpaper over on etsy and recently bought one of your lovely bracelets! I do love that little lilac bunny and all your animal themed bracelets too. I am not on Facebook and still haven't really got my brain around Twitter! How did the fair go at the weekend? See you on etsy sometime soon! x

    1. Hi Simone! Yay, thanks for entering, so happy you like your bracelet! Don't worry about Faceook or Twitter! The fair went quite well, it wasn't too busy but I made a nice amount above table costs :-) Good luck!

      Oh I'll be writing a post about the fair soon and obviously the winner! Good luck everyone!