Friday, 8 June 2012

Older, colder and rainier.

Apologies for my rather long absence! I'm now a 22 year old Stef!

I've been exceptionally busy; decorating, settling the bunnies into the new house, on my holiday to Edinburgh and even to Alton Towers!

Alas I am back, very cold and it's awfully wet outside.

I've been busy crafting; need to get my stock up since I'm doing the Cleckheaton Folk Festival Craft fair at the start of July. I bought some lovely fabric from Ikea to make a table cloth for my stall and I have a fab idea for display stands too.

It is Folksy Friday today, but admittedly I don't have any finds to share as I simply haven't had the time.

Instead I will inundate you with lots of pictures of my house so far! Enjoy :-)

Just a taster! 

Oh and here's Scraggs my adopted 'feral/stray'

Thanks for looking. Have a fab Weekend and rest of your Friday!


  1. The light in your bedroom is fantastic, such lovely pics of your new home, and Scraggy cat. :)
    How spoilt are your bunnies, their room is lovely too.

    Donna x

  2. Aww look at Scraggs, has he/she move in with you?
    crow cottage

  3. Hi , thanks both!

    Bunnies demand that Donna :P

    Liz, Scraggs doesn't come in the house, he's completely feral and won't come in the house even if the door is left open he just sits on the doorstep and waits :(, it's still dry here and he sleeps on the decking but at night he goes into a little 'hide' I've put out for him :-)

    I feed him twice a day and have fleaed/wormed him, but other than that he's not very domesticated :-(, he came with the house it seems. x