Thursday, 14 June 2012


I think of myself as a generally organised person, I like things tidy and neat and I like to have things ready.

Of late though, I've discovered I should be more organised with my crafting. I'm currently getting everything ready for the Cleckheaton Folk Festival Craft fair, price tags, tablecloth, displays, mailing list tables and such and it's so hard to do this around my full-time job!  I am however still persisting with it and so far so good!

Also got 2 new custom orders to make which is fabulous! and I love it when someone appreciate and wants my work so much they're willing to part with their money for it, it makes me so warm an fuzzy and proud of myself.

Here's one of my newest additions to my shops, I do rather like this bracelet myself.

Other than being a busy bee and being tired almost all the time (don't know what is up with me - also bruising like bad fruit at the moment) I have very little to report.

Oh that's another thing we have a new Television - from a 22inch screen to 42inch, O/H is delighted with this! Great for Cricket apparently! :P

Anywhoo have a nice rest of your week!


  1. Gorgeous bracelet.
    Sarah-Jane xx

  2. Sweet jewellery, nice blog, well done. I used to have a mini lop such great characters! The orders sound exciting, do you only sell on folksy or etsy too?

    Thanks, Melissa

  3. Morning, thank you guys! Bunnies really do have huge and fantastic characters, never have I had the bunny who has acted the same as another!

    Melissa I do sell on both folksy and etsy :)! The links are to the left !

    Have a fab day! xx