Friday, 12 October 2012

Hello, Hello, Hello! Give Away time....

Ok, I admit it. I've been absent of late, I'm so very sorry.

 I'm back now though, so don't worry. I've been exceptionally busy with Christmas decoration orders, my wedding favour order and a few other bits and bobs. Also recently back from New York! My very first time in America and it was good!

That's me squinting in the sun up Top of The Rock. That big green bit you can see, that's Central Park. Big isn't it?! hehe.

Anywhoo just yesterday I reached the huge 1000 likers over on facebook! In celebration of this feat I am holding a give away! I would love it if you could partake in the fun! 

Here's the details. (Taken direct from my Facebook Post)

Yesterday Jaysmonkey reached 1000 likers! Woohoo! So I'm having a give away. The give away is for your very own custom shrinky dink animal related jewellery set, designed however you want. The set will consist of 2 items of either necklace,
 bracelet or earrings. You decide!

So how do you enter? Well this is where you come in! I need you to get busy designing what you'd like me to make just for you, make sure you design 2 things. They can be as personal as you like and done however you like, just ensure there is an animal theme. You can do them on the computer or hand drawn and take a photo! Just submit entries to or upload on my facebook timeline.

All entries will be uploaded to a give away album and I will choose my favourite to make!

This is a chance to get something that's totally unique and designed by you :)

Closing date for entries will be Friday 17th October at 9pm.

Other than the give away, New York and crafting, the bunnies and Tinks are all doing great!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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