Friday, 17 August 2012

Hello there, How do ?

Hello my lovely jubbly followers and readers, apologies for my slacking of late!

I've been busy making commissions, including the 37 embroided mini stockings for wedding favours, custom pet Christmas decorations <3 and of course my beloved jewellery.

Also joined a gym :-P, get me! haha, I need to train for the fundraising I'm doing for Camp Nibble and this is the best way. I feel so refreshed when leaving the gym after a hardcore work out, this can only be a good thing!

So what other news?! Well the other half Jason is going to Pennsylvania with work in September and on the 26th I'll be flying out to New York to meet him! I never anticipated going to NYC any time soon, but hey it's happening this year! I am very excited!

We've also got a new car, he's a lovely 1.4 Mazda 2 diesel called Yoshi ^.^

So what else is new? hmm nothing much all my fur babies are fine, as is the shell baby! Jemimah did have a poorly spell and it turned out little miss needed a dental :-( but all is well now! Here is my little girl posing :)

She's actually incredibly naughty since being poorly! She loves to tease the other bunnies and has now mastered the stairs with ease :-D

Anywhoo, I hope you all have a lovely weekend, it's Friday! Yay!

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