Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday, Monday....

Well it's the start of a brand new week! A bright and sunny week too it would seem, mind you it's still chilly! Lovely winter anticyclonic conditions! I miss Geography's so informative and intresting.

My weekend has gone relatively fast, although I have had little time to get crafty. Regardless though Mothers Day is coming! I've made my mummy some super presents...although I'd write what they are, but she might read my blog! Also made her a Mothers day card!

I need to get making a present for my friend too and am currently quoting on favours for a christmas wedding this year! Exciting stuff and sure to keep me on my toes!

Talking of Winter, here's my garden from a few weeks ago!

I have good news too, I am featured in the March 2012 addition of CraftSeller - the bad feedback wasn't actually from a person who purchased my goods but insinuated I was 'copying' others work and getting in touch with various people claiming I was doing so. My work however is 100% my own, always has been and always will be. Said person had a 'rift' with me for no apparent reason, hence the issues, but I thank them as it worked in my favour! So here it is featuring some of my own, unique creations...although some have now sold!

I'm also taking part in the Cleckheaton Folk Festival Craft fair once again, I took part last year and it was my first ever craft fair experience. My stall was pretty mediocre compared to the other sellers; who had evident experience in this! Regardless though it was a brilliant success and I had a fantastic day! I hope this year will be just as successful, if not more and I hope to make a better, more attractive and professional look to my stall.

Hope you have a Magnificent Monday!

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